Feltham & Wokingham Re-Signalling Project – Phase Two 2021

Devontech has recently begun the Phase Two Installation for the client, Atkins to revamp the signal terminals and units based at Feltham & Wokingham. Devontech is proud to show the work below which has been done in relation to this project. These units are constructed from the ground up and benefit from the combined skill and engineering resources of Addicott Electrics Ltd and Devontech Ltd.

This Principal Supply Point or P.S.P as it is known, benefits from a re-enforced damp, soundproof and sealed container based structure which fitted with modules that allow the signalling systems to be managed and controlled with ease in terms of power supply backup. Notice the labelled switch structures on the panels marked in yellow for clear identification. Devontech’s vision proposes that operational elements must be clearly marked so that commissioning to a client is seamless and effortless once operations begin. The black cabinets are manufactured and completed with a paint texture that prevents the ingress of rust in testing environments. The floors are coated with a permanent protective solution that allows cleaning to be maintained whilst the unit is based in rough conditions. As a whole, the unit is sound proof and allows secure access to authorized operators.

These images show the inside of P.S.P. units that are designed & manufactured by Devontech Ltd.

They relate to Feltham & Wokingham Re-Signalling Project Phase Two with Atkins.

Take a look at our publication done in the Rail Professional Magazine on page 113.